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Started in 1974, the Vipassana Newsletter played a unique role in the spread of Vipassana around the world. For old students in this tradition as well as for new students, it provided a special combination of inspiration and information.

‘Chronicles of Dhamma’ presents a selection of articles published in Vipassana Newsletters over the years. The articles themselves have been selected to reflect different aspects of the spread of Vipassana meditation in recent times. They are organized in broad thematic groups: ‘Vipassana Teachings’; ‘Messenger of Dhamma’; ‘In the Footsteps of the Buddha’; ‘Applied Dhamma’; and ‘The Spread of Dhamma’.

This compilation spans a period from the earliest improvised small Vipassana courses in India to established meditation centers by the score, increasing numbers of courses across five continents and the incomparable achievement of the building of the Global Vipassana Pagoda. It samples the successes, struggles and set-backs along the way. Looking back through the archives of the Vipassana Newsletters, we see the remarkable story of the revival of Vipassana in the modern age, unfolding and illuminated.

This book is ideal for Vipassana meditators as well as non-meditators.


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