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This book is a tribute to Sayagyi U Ba Khin, teacher of Mr. S. N. Goenka and an outstanding civil servant from Myanmar. U Ba Khin’s career was that of an ideal householder, combining unwavering dedication to Vipassana meditation with unwearying commitment to public service. This book contains comprehensive information on the theoretical aspect of Vipassana meditation (pariyatti). It contains the following information:

  • The first part contains a description of the life of Sayagyi U Ba Khin, inspiring episodes from his life, reminiscences by his students, discourses given by U Ba Khin and information on the chain of teachers before Sayagyi.
  • The second part of this book includes a selection of essays by Mr. S. N. Goenka with an introduction to Vipassana meditation and its application in daily life. It also contains interviews of Mr. S. N. Goenka and his wife, Mrs. Ilaichidevi Goenka, on various occasions.
  • The third part of this book contains essays written by prominent senior teachers appointed by Mr. S. N. Goenka on their journey on the path of Vipassana meditation. The personal experiences of different meditators describing the impact of Vipassana on their lives are also included in this part.
  • The last part contains information on Vipassana Research Institute, the noble work it has undertaken and a collection of some of its papers on the teachings of the Buddha.

This book is ideal for Vipassana meditators as well as non-meditators.


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