The Wheel of Dhamma Rotates


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In 1969, Mr. S. N. Goenka, the Principal Teacher of Vipassana meditation, arrived in India from Myanmar carrying the gem of Vipassana meditation. The technique that was lost from India from the last 2,500 years finally returned to its homeland in its pristine purity.

Mr. Goenka conducted the first course of Vipassana meditation in Mumbai within 10 days of his arrival in India. Since then, the wheel of Dhamma is rotating. In 1976, Dhamma Giri, the first center was developed and thereafter magnificent dwellings of Dhamma, dedicated to the teaching of Vipassana meditation, started to establish in various parts of India and across the world. Today, courses of Vipassana meditations are conducted in 177 centers and 134 non-center locations.

Printed on an attractive paper, this book is a concise informative compilation on the Vipassana Centers in India and around the world with beautiful pictures. It contains stories of prominent Vipassana centers, their history, background and details.

This book is ideal for Vipassana meditators as well as non-meditators.


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